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Wednesday 1 April 2020


Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Pānui

31 March 2020

E te whānau o Te rūnanga o Moeraki kia ora koutou katoa,

He waka eke noa

As we move forward together in this new world of Lockdown, the Interim Executive Komiti want to regularly communicate with all of you about the decisions we have had to make in order to keep Te Rūnanga o Moeraki operating. The Interim Executive Komiti was established to keep the Rūnanga governance going until the Special General Meeting. This was thought to be only four weeks after the Interim Executive Komiti was established. We are conscious that none of us expected the Interim Executive Komiti would be in place over the period of the Lockdown. We all thought by this weekend we would be holding a special General Meeting appointing our new Exec!

The Interim Executive Komiti appointed at the last Te Rūnanga o Moeraki (TRoM) meeting are whanau members Trevor McGlinchey and Robyn Maguigan, Upoko Rūnanga David Higgins, and Hon Treasurer Karen Coutts. As the Interim Executive Komiti we want to keep the Rūnanga undertaking as much normal business as possible. We realise that due to Lockdown and more time lapsing before a Special General Meeting can happen, we need to do a few more things to keep business as usual going.

With the Lockdown it is necessary to keep things operating for a longer period. We do not have a clear mandate around this so if we think we must do something to keep TRoM going we want to communicate to you all on what we have decided and what we are doing. This means at the very least you know what is going on and can come back and let us know what you think about this – or ask more about what is going on. That will keep us all in the waka together about what is happening at TRoM until we can hui kanohi ki te kanohi, get in a new Executive and move forward with that new Executive in place.

What has happened so far?

  1. The staff team (Jenny, Diane, Ross, Joseph) are all working from home. Phone calls from the office are diverted to Jenny’s phone. Jenny & Diane & Joseph are all doing as much as possible by phone/email/text. Ross is at home & probably worrying about how long the grass is going to get during Lockdown! Clearly a tough situation for them all – we are grateful for their adaptability at this time.

  2. Interim Executive Komiti – have a Zoom hui every Tuesday night, starting at 7.30 PM to figure out what needs to be done and what can wait: it is a moving feast.
    Please come to hear the korero by zoom:
    To join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:


  3. If you prefer teleconference, just email Jenny to let us know and we will sort that out.

  4. We have started a process of contacting whānau who are over 60 and are registered members of TRoM. The phone calls are to make sure our kaumātua and over 60s have support and where necessary are linked into services. We also check if they would like a regular phone call from the Rūnanga to provide support during Lockdown.

    The Rūnaka database is being used to identify who to contact. Registered members who may not have updated their registration contact details recently are encouraged to contact the Rūnaka office to do so. Whānau are also encouraged to contact the office ( Jennifer.brookes@ngaitahu.iwi.nz ; 03-439-4816) if they wish to have this contact or would like it for one of their whānau.

    As well as phone calls we will send emails/letters to whānau where we have no phone numbers – as long as we can find out how to get to a postal service. We are very fortunate that some of the whānau have offered to help with these calls: Rangi McGlinchey, Lisa Te Raki, Sarah Whitau and Mary-Anne Tipa. Ngā mihi nui ki ngā kaitoko whānau! If you want to help – email the office: all offers welcome!

    Over 60’s watch-out for that phone call! TRoNT is also likely to be calling – no worries. It is important that between everyone, we make sure you can get your groceries, and have support if you are finding it hard and to know you have someone who will help.

  5. We are conscious that there are some things that will need doing besides responding to the Coronavirus Crisis due to the length of time we will all have to wait until we can get to a SGM.

    Some of the things that we are also doing:

    1. Staff over-sight: there is an allocation of each of the Komiti to be available to support each staff member during this time. Collectively we understand what is happening across the team.

    2. Prior to Lockdown all bookings for the marae were postponed indefinitely. No further bookings to be taken until the situation re the national crisis is clear.

    3. Will send out regular pānui to whānau, as well as welcoming you to Interim Executive Komiti Zoom meetings, so you can find out what is going on: all enquiries welcome

    4. d. Where necessary expenses over and above the Executive Delegation are being agreed at interim Executive Komiti meetings to ensure we maintain required payments: full list of those will be provided in Financial Report given at next rūnanga hui

    5. Agreed that Moeraki Ltd should go ahead with negotiations to purchase the house in front of the Marae

    6. Continuing with the Admin Support Services Review contract as agreed at the last Rūnanga meeting, so the work that can be carried out without contact via emails, zoom hui, etc. can be completed

That is all for now. Keep in touch via the office. Let us know what you think/need/etc.

At this time, it is most important of all to you and all your whanau: stay safe & well.

Noho ora mai i raro i ngā manaakitanga o te Atua,

Trevor, Robyn, David, Karen
Interim Executive Komiti
Te Rūnanga o Moeraki

Friday 27 March 2020

Due to the Covid-19 virus the closing date for Applications for the Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Inc. Educational Grants 2020 has now been extended to 4.30 pm 31 May 2020.

For the Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Member Application form click on the link below or go to the FORMS page

5 February

To read the Biography please click on gold LINK button below.

5 February 2020

Whānau Consultation

To read the Plan click on gold LINK button below.

5 February 2020

The Rūnaka Scholarship will cover tuition fees for up to three years for a learner’s chosen programme of study at Otago Polytechnic. The purpose of this Scholarship is to encourage Kāi Tahu learners to succeed in tertiary education by removing financial barriers to study. The scholarship also acknowledges the contribution learners can make to their Rūnaka and local community.

For more details and Application Form please click on gold LINK button below.

5 February 2020

Applications are now open for the Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Inc. Educational Grants 2020.


For a copy of the Application Form CLICK on gold LINK button below.

13 September 2019

Draft Katiki Management Plan

November 2018

Ngāi Tahu Holdings – Takapō update

August 2017


Please note that the domain name of the TROM website has now been changed to the shorter version "moerakirunanga.nz". The letters "co" have been dropped. Please start using the new name and tell whānau and friends of this change. The old name will be terminated in twelve months time.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Members & Potential Members

Te Rūnanga o Moeraki invite all potential members to register with our Rūnanga Office, just contact us via email: moeraki.runanga@xtra.co.nz , by post to 43 Tenby Street Moeraki R D 2 Palmerston Otago 9482 or phone 034394816 and ask for our Registration form.

For our members who are registered we encourage you to contact our Rūnanga office to check and update your details. If you wish to receive regular updates on, what the Rūnanga is up to, or information from our TRoNT Rep newsletters, etc please ensure your details are correct.

Link to registration form: REGISTRATION FORM

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Celebrating Ten Years of

South-east marine Protection forum

Please click on the link below if you are interested in participating in a survey on the South-east marine Protection forum. Then scroll down to the link South-East marine protection forum, click then scroll to “Complete Questionnaire”

Click here: http://www.south-eastmarine.org.nz/

Monday 11 June 2012

Te Rūnanga o Moeraki wins award!

At the Trust Power Community Awards night for the Waitaki region Te Rūnanga o Moeraki was recognised for an outstanding contribution to the Waitaki Community and was presented with the 2012 Regional Winner "Heritage and Environment" Community Award and also $500.


April 2012

Congratulations to Henare Te Aika Puanaki who graduated on Friday with a Bachelor of Language (Maori) and Haydon Richards who graduated with his Bachelor of Applied Management with distinction. He was also Top Graduate for his year. Great work! Henare is now studying to become a Secondary Teacher and Haydon (pictured with his mum below) is studying for Post Graduate Diplomas in Project Management and Operations Management.

Flowers and gift for Stacey Tipa.

Myra and Des Tipa accept flowers and gift from the Kaiwhakahaere Patrick Tipa on behalf of Stacey Tipa as an appreciation from Te Rūnanga o Moeraki for her excellent service as Secretary.

Successful applicants of the Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Education Scholarships.

Those applicants that were present at the Rūnanga meeting together with seven of our Kaumatua. From left to right: Peter Marshall, Ngaire Coy, Gloria Colloty, James Marshall, Allanah Harrington, Mariana Pagan, Kerry Dee, Haydon Richards, Nigel Maguigan, Reita Mathews, Des Tipa, Mottie Walker and Jeff Paterson.

For more photos go to the photo album.

Te Ana Whakairo Opening

A great day was enjoyed by many at the opening of Te Ana Whakairo.

For more photos go to the photo album.

Saturday 5 February 2011 Open Day at the Marae.

The Moeraki Rūnanga conducted an Open Day at the marae to enjoy Waitangi Celebrations with the wider community. Great atmosphere - great food - great sun - great entertainment. More photos in the photo galleries.

Ka Putea Scholarship Recipients 7 November 2010

Samantha Sykes receives her Ka Putea Scholarship from David Higgins, Upoko Moeraki Rūnanga, at the Annual General Meeting. Samantha is studying towards her Batchelor of Teaching & Learning (Early Childhood). All the best Samantha.

Albert Titheridge receives his Ka Putea Scholarship from David Higgins, Upoko Moeraki Rūnanga, at the Annual General Meeting. Albert is studying towards his Batchelor of Arts. All the best Albert.

Treasurer stepping down. 7 November 2010

Robyn Maguigan has decided to step down as treasurer of the Rūnanga after many years of excellent service in that position and here Robyn admires the flowers she received from the Rūnanga.